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Foreword by NeiliyaPerera (N.U. Jayawardena Charitable Trust)
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Family Trees 

Chapter 1    Unchanging Hambantota
The Family – Hambantota in Colonial Times – Persistent Poverty and Disease –
Agriculture and Chena Cultivation – Hunting and Shooting with the International Elite

Chapter 2    NU’s Social Milieu
Religious Background – Education and Illiteracy – The Consciousness of Caste –
The Resthouse Culture

Chapter 3    Emancipation through Education
The Colonial School System – Early Education at St.Mary’s – The Tangalle Connection –
Devundara and Matara – The Importance of Railways

Chapter 4    Galle and St. Aloysius’ College
Among the Jesuits – Studying in the Train – The Rail-Bus Phenomenon –
The Influence of St.Aloysius’ and Its Teachers – NU’s Teachers – The Library and
Reading Room – Cricket – NU’s Success

Chapter 5    The Lure of Government Service
Underdevelopment and the Ruhuna Diaspora – The Passion for Education
– The Clerical Service as aStepping Stone

Chapter 6    Early Employment and the Move to Colombo
An Uncertain Future – Back to School – Early Days in Colombo –
Colombo in the Late 1920s – Politics in the 1920s – NU’s Work Ethic

Chapter 7    Marriage to Gertrude Wickramasinghe
Meeting at the Resthouse
The Wickramasinghe Clan Gertrude Wickramasinghe
Girls’ Education

Chapter 8    Early Career and London Degree
Studying for the B.Sc. (Econ.) – Aiming for a Higher Degree – Early Interest in
Central Banking – Temporary Disappointments – Constitutional Reforms and
New Vistas for NU – The Commercial Intelligence Unit

Chapter 9    The Banking Commission
The Economic Depression of 1929-33 – The Chettiar Phenomenon – The Banking
Commission – An “Invaluable Document”

Chapter 10    NU at the LSE
NU in London – The LSE – The Economics Department – Robbins and
Hayek – Business Administration – The Family Back Home

Chapter 11    Wartime in Sri Lanka
NU and State – run Industries – Lecturing at University – Wartime Sri Lanka
– The Japanese Attack on Sri Lanka – Oliver Goonetilleke – NU’s Career
Advances – Another Career Landmark

Chapter 12    The Post-war Period and Independence
Declining Terms of Trade – NU’s Link with Oliver Goonetilleke – Independence –
Working with J.R.Jayewardene – Controller of Exchange – A Passion for Work –
The Sterling Assets Agreements of 1948 & 1949 – The New Economic Order –
Outmoded Systems

Chapter 13    The Central Bank
NU’s Rise to the Top – John Exter’s Arrival – Economics of NU and John Exter –
The Exter Report – Debate in Parliament – The Independence of the Bank –
Department of Economic Research – Scholarships for Higher Education –
The Research Library – Rewarding Merit – Socializing with the Exters
– NU Succeeds Exter – Work and Discipline – More Travels and Negotiations
Abroad – The Impending Fall

Chapter 14    Power Politics
Politics and Kinship – Working with Uncles and Nephews – Tussle for Leadership –
The Premier Stakes – Exchange Control Regulations – John Lionel Kotelawala –
The Politics of Rice Subsidies – Kotelawala’s Turbulent Term in Office – Commission of Inquiry

Chapter 15    The Phoenix Rises
Finding Solace in Religion and Community – Bouncing Back – Move to the Private Sector
–The Fall of Kotelawala – Exoneration – NU the Senator

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